I am a Retail Operations Manager at our nine store pharmacy and my role here includes interfacing with many different Reps. I just want to say that the service and respect I receive from our Sales Rep at The M&M Sales Company is superior. She does what she says she’s going to do – and in the end I find myself looking for ways to give her more business! She truly understands the needs of our business unit, is educational with her product – not pushy – and the joy and enthusiasm she brings to her position is contagious!
— Janine- Akron, Ohio
I am an operations manager for 5 gift shops. We are always busy - many things are happening everyday at each location!! It is a pleasure to work with a rep group that understands, respects, and protects us! The fact that M & M Sales is consistent in keeping its vendors is very helpful to us! The reps are informed and knowledgeable. They keep us updated on new products and offers. They appreciate and use sales data we provide to make the best use of our reorder dollars and increase our turns. They have embraced our multiple location challenges and turned them into an asset. I also appreciate the way they work with us at buying shows. They are supportive when we have special events at the stores and even go so far as to give us special treats occasionally! They truly partner with us in way that makes us feel important and cared for. Thanks!!
— Gale Livengood - Dutchman Hospitality Group
M&M Sales always has the best selection of items to choose from that repeatedly perform so well in our store. It is so refreshing to work with a company who consistently goes above and beyond for us.
— Mel - Akron, Ohio
We have worked with The M&M Sales Company for years. Our rep always brings us solid lines, consistent service and an incredible level of integrity. For us, that has built a high level of trust that makes doing business easier.
— Scott- Columbus, Ohio
I just wanted to take a moment and personally thank you for the outstanding service you and your M&M Sales team provide for our Stores and Associates. Store service has become a rarity these days, so when you have the support that is offered by your group, it should be called out!
Keep up the good work and know it is never taken for granted! Thanks again!
— Jon McMillen - Buehler's Fresh Foods
In owning and operating four different retail businesses, we deal with many reps and a multitude of companies. Taking them all into consideration, there is nobody that represents their lines better, that we appreciate their support, and that we trust more for their judgement and recommendations than M&M.
— Dinah & Ed - Miss Molly’s Tea Room
There is a small elite group of vendors and brokers that you look to when you are in need of a product or service. The M&M Sales Company is one of those elite members! The service and attention to detail they put into the companies they represent is quite impressive. They have always been prompt and attentive to any of our request, whether it involves the stores or the corporate office. They have set the bar high for their competitors…I have seen few achieve it!
— John- Cleveland, Ohio
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The M&M Sales Company is professional! Their reps are knowledgeable and provide outstanding service. They make the extra effort to understand my business and how they can help me. They also have great lines!
— Karen- Westlake, Ohio